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Feel Like Writing A Poem?

By Sue Cowing

A good place to start is with a word

or two you like the sound of. Could be absurd

or beautiful, something that captures your attention.

Can’t think? I probably should mention


the dictionary’s full of good old words to play with.
Use any you can get away with:

odd words like tittynope or bandicoot,

forgotten names for things, like bumbershoot.


No words for something you have thought?

Make some up. Shakespeare did that a lot:

not bandit , bedazzled, or swagger only,

but green-eyed monster and even lonely.


Your poem doesn’t have to rhyme,

though rhyme’s a pleasing way of keeping time.

Whatever you choose, the benefit will double

‘cause by making a poem you’re keeping
(at least for the moment) out of trouble.

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