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You Will Call Me Drog

You Will Call Me Drog

Carolrhoda Books, September, 2011
Usborne Children’s Books UK, 2012

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Some people suffer from pupaphobia, which is another way of saying they are absolutely terrified by puppets.  If you think you may be a pupaphobe, DO NOT READ You Will Call Me Drog.  

Drog is no muppet.

In this fresh, funny, and slightly dark coming-of-age story, 11-year-old Parker faces an unexpected challenge. Having a sarcastic talking puppet named Drog stuck on his hand ruins everything for Parker--his love of making things, his best-friendship with Wren, his chances of being normal at school, and his hopes for more respect and understanding from his distant father.   


Drog foils Parker’s every attempt to get him off.  Over the puppet’s objections, Parker signs up for aikido class, where he is accepted, Drog and all, and begins to learn different ways of treating an opponent. The puppet can’t do anything except talk. “Take it from Drog,” he says, “You’re nothing without a voice.  Nada.”  Parker must find his own voice in order to free himself from Drog and take control of his life.

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I made this puppet so I could hear and feel what Parker was going through. Drog began as a ball of clay and scraps of paper and fabric, so it’s still a mystery, even to me, where his voice came from.

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